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the man cave
so we went over to d's house last night for a couple hours (the man cave) and wow, he has a very awesome space for music making indeed. Got to hear several songs and parts of songs on bass guitar/guitar and computer. I really like the vibes these songs give off and this was not even with everyone there (will go back for that this weekend most likely and can't wait). those bass lines are really interesting. Had a fun time, very chill, chatted and played with the dogs. These dogs are very sweet and playful, one male Husky and one female Beagle. every now and then the Beagle would come sit with me and lick me and the Husky would come over to me to get petted.

then came home and i made quesadillas for dinner with lettuce, salsa and avocado. this is part of the plan for healthier eating (more like the way we were eating in florida). after moving back to california and experiencing the abundance of restaraunts/food options here/+ no longer working at the botanical pharmacy, i sorta stopped caring to eat right. i guess it's about time i get back on track, and not just for me but for everyone around me. i may even use that $300 juicer again that i bought 2 years ago and have used maybe only twice. despite the sort of unhealthy food options, i still only weigh 125 lbs. so not complaints there and i am still wearing clothes from when i was 24 years old (sizes 2 or 3) yet some 5's will fit snug. Also, my feet are smaller than ever now, size 7. but i'm not complaining since the other parts have not shrunk.

Hello again it's been a long time
The loneliness is worse when you feel lonely and you are living in the most populated city you have ever lived in. Things have been stagnant for so long now, maybe 3 years since I have been back living in California. I'm sure it's all my fault. I had locked myself away in the East Coast for so long I forgot everything... but I was busy so it didn't matter, except now maybe it does because I notice everything that is gone from me. My heart aches mostly as I go insane. Not that I want to exactly emerge from the underground... it's just a matter of fact that this will happen if you do not. Suppose I am trying to save myself somehow. But I don't know how. Things are too different. I got too far away from myself and going deeper, further still. It hurts as I watch from what feels to be a parallel universe unable to participate in or feel exactly like what the others must feel. People appear so perfectly engaged but i feel awkward everywhere and out of place even in my hometown again. Its all different.
It's not enough to just be ok and it's too hard to authentically be anything more.

The Crown, The Purse, The World Shattered
It only took a year but I finally realized why I was the way I was before. I remember why I shut out the real world and decided I didn't need it. I thought I reached a point where I was strong enough to keep everything about myself contained within myself even while being out of my own chains. I didn't think anything would change. Not this precious world of mine I made. But as soon as I had the chance to get out of my own world I got out. What was I thinking when I removed my own chains? What did I think I would find being free?

I find myself trying to desperately return to my old world. Yet I see the old world is crumbling before me. Things are falling apart, the clothes are all different, the animals are gone, car is different. I look in the mirror and wonder if that's me.

I killed my heart thinking it was right. It was part of my idea to build my empire. So I looked away and didn't think I would ever look back in believing it was what I needed. I must say that I thought it was best. It won't change me, I just want to get out and be the blackest black, wearing the crown, and holding the purse.

What a brilliant idea I had to try for something that would only poison me.

I can't deceive myself anymore. These are not my ideas. It hasn't been making me nice. What I hear, what you tell me, what they are telling me - it's not what I need. It's not where I want to go.

I would rather be a lonely soul. They're not going to take my life.

I will find my place again. I will find my peace again.

My "911 Camera" App Idea
I thought of a new app idea. It would be called 911 Camera. Instead of calling 911 you open and record on the 911 camera app on your phone which auto dials as it's recording and the live video gets Transmitted to authorities as your recording which can later be used as evidence. Meanwhile the operator is talking to you and can see everything that's happening including the physical description of any assailants or a crime in progress. The police would need to be able to accept live video calls.

So Instead of choosing to call 911 or to record it's like a 2 in 1 and It's great because the video gets Transmitted to the police and will be used as evidence so there will never be a lack of evidence of a crime. Could also track your location while recording so u don't need to actually state your location in case it's a crime happening happening and u can't be heard for risk of endangering your life.

Death having a conversation with Love
death: Love, I always falter to find anything of meaning. I never even find it strange that I can't seem to feel or read anything of people. No emotions, no thoughts on the matter, just feels like air; empty. Now all is quiet and peaceful. It is as if nothing can bother me. Not love. Not hate. Nothing can affect me at all. Not even the fact that nothing can affect me is capable of bothering me. I became everything I can. I was all I ever could be. Then in one instant everything was mine, when all was lost, I became everything. Now I have no more dreams, no false hope, no sense of security. I have no sorrow, but I have no joy so no matter. There are no aching memories, no longing, no lust, no tears, no jealousy, no self-hatred. Nothing is missed. Nothing to want. In fact, I have nothing because there is nothing and I am nothing no more. Whomever I was, I am not, and can never be again. There is no falling, no failing, no hopelessness, there is no great distance to overcome, there are no cold winters and no hot agonizing summers, no bodily ailments, and no poisonings of the mind. There is nothing beside me that can anger me, bother me, or disrupt me. All of the years of life are now gone. These are the years of death to come. Far and away from any human soul or for time to grow. There is never a way home from here. My "life" is thus... that I have transcended devotion. I have transcended reality, the day and the night, time itself, and it is here that I wait for the next reality. But who dare go there who has been there before? Life, yes, it was full of passion. Streams and streams of flowing water, flowing love, blue skies, sunlight, air, first times, experiencing the rush of being near me (of being near death) but not quite reaching it, then smiling because you knew that what you did made you come close. But then there are also the pains, the sufferings, and the heartaches. Of witnessing those you love suffer, and eventually die. Of losing your true love, of losing your mind, of losing yourself. Those times when you wish you were dead because you realized that in death you would find peace. I am the ultimate reality. Death comes to all, but to all not love. I let it all go. Am Alone, absent the world.

love: Death, I feel you in shadows, and in times of sorrow, but I cannot let it carry me through life, for I am Love. Lost always, but dreaming and searching with eyes wide open, heart wide open, and arms wide open. The memories that you've thrown away, are the memories that I pick up to hold onto, and anything that is left behind I keep with me in my heart for as long as I am able to. For when times are tough, I am the strength to go on believing, that the time will come again when all is love, happiness, and joy. I am able to fill the void that people speak of when life is perceived to be unbearable. I am alive in hopes, wishes, dreams, and I am real and true when people allow me to be. I am an unbelievable feeling of happiness, of security, and of wholeness. I am the pure connection, that once found, no one wants to break, because I am unique to this existence in the present. I am attainable through the vessel of life, here amongst the living, but you are only attainable when all of existence is gone. Death comes to all, but to all not love, but this is what makes life worth living. I am worth searching for and trying for and holding onto. I make life what it means to be alive. I take away the pains that you speak of, I free their minds and mend their wounds. I heal their souls. I put a smile upon their faces. I am alive in songs, words, melodies, sight, poems, hugs, kisses, feelings and thoughts. I am felt in their hearts and minds, and I represent persistence, trust, fearlessness, and kindness. I make them feel invincible, unbreakable, and immortal. One can define oneself as love and decide that there is no such thing as wrong, only righteousness, only paradise, only heavens so bright. In this reality, there are only clear Blue skies, endless stars to reach to and wish upon, and many days ahead that are filled with love. The feelings of home, being with those you love and who love you in return. It is a true feeling. Being the light. Being the source. Being love. Being the one thing that can carry people on and ultimately allowing them to feel like it is ok to cross over. And although sometimes they weep when I am lost, they will always long for me again without question. A belief in forever, but you prefer to let it all go. Surrounded, in this world.
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Leave no room for Appeal!
Leave no room for appeal, yep. That is it.

Too Hot (a new song coming!)
Currently writing a new song called, Too Hot! and it's so hot you're gunna love it! especially if you like Math, hehe. If I could just stay here and work on this song all night until it was completely finished I probably would. I am going to be singing on this track, something no one has yet heard from me ;) This track will probably be finished before the other track I was working on, Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is a track that I want to incorporate some live instruments to which will require more than just a home studio setup. I want live drums, live guitars, etc. Anyway, next for the track Too Hot will come more lyric writing followed by actually recording it. Don't know when it will be finished but of course I will share with the world once it is done to a satisfactory point! In other words, in due time.

Once Too Hot is completed, there is already another song lined up. Just need to find those perfect moments in time.

In the end no one will stick around and no one will be with me - cause all patience will be gone and the people, they will have moved on.

Keep fumbling. Fumbling along.

(so get the study guide).

"If you keep everyone in limbo... yeah they all move on."

(It's 1:00 am).

I'll still talk to you, but you may miss out on me too.

So be it.

(get the cheap one first).

If you try and have it all, you'll likely lose it all.

Zero contact. Deconstruction. //dominate the world.

There will always be followers;

The future. The riddle. The pen. The paper = The rules.

0 chance 0 mistakes 0 sleep intolerance manipulate. //I would if it didn't mean having to destroy my Universe.

i am the idea - that of which there is no true possession. //you're not the real you.

somewhere in you is a you I really like.
i just wish you were that you all the time.

but maybe you are not with me.

Here are some bits of what may be new lyrics for a new song:

there is no me that any one wants. they want what they can get from me. they want what they can take from me. they want what they can use again and again. to satisfy desires - the things they lust for. there is no me that any one wants. least not for substance - only for purposes of their own. so what of me then? will you ever know me? so what of me if you don't get me? so what of the soul when it is ignored like shadows with nothing there to see? then why bother with any thing?

stop following me stop wanting me stop chasing me stop mixing the real with the fake, the love with the hate. from plus to minus, but the second time around will not come around, to be not here, to be not there, to be not anywhere there is not truth, there is not purity, there is not innocence, there is not care, there is not a universe out there without me in it somewhere. so be not in it, if you are not in it for me.

so be not in it, if you are not in it for me.


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